Love Wall Hanging

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Rainbow love 🙂

This little mini wallhanging is 5 1/2″ wide and 4 1/4″ tall. It has a twisted rainbow hanging string attached to covered wire. Would make a great first house gift or apartment gift.

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Thomas & Amie, OOAK Art Dolls, Musicians




“…all we think and all we feel, it is getting much too real; I won’t count life in tears, I won’t live life in fear.  The horizon falls wringing out the light, bringing out the twilight shapes that splinter into night. These hands hold this tired head miles to go and miles more, each mile seems to bring me back again…”

A Musician’s life can be hard.  A musician on the road has a still harder life.

Brother and Sister Thomas and Amie are travelling musicians.  She sings…he plays the mandolin.

At one time they were members of a most famous musical travelling troupe.  One night when the troupe was playing for a very wealthy village, Amie came under the scrutiny of an arrogant, angry son of the village mayor.  His unwanted attentions brought Thomas to her side. Thomas, trying to protect his younger sister, pushed the man away from her.  The man was incensed that a common musician would accost him. So he brought out a knife and went to attack Thomas.  Amie intervened, the knife caught her and as a result she lost her eye.

Thomas and Amie now travel alone, performing for anyone who will listen.  She still sings, he still plays the mandolin and together they write songs of love, family and loyalty.

“The Road” Music and Lyrics by Colton Parrott ©2014 COLTONPARROTTMUSIC.  Used with permission.

Please visit Colton Parrott on itunes for the entire song off his Beginnings at the End album.



Both dolls are handmade from Dyed Bali Fabrics.  The pieces are machine sewn, turned, stuffed with Airtex batting and lightly wired.  Their legs have copper tubing so that they can stand sturdily on the wooden base.  Thomas is  approximately 11 ½  ” tall.  Amie is approximately 10” tall.

Amie & Thomas’ faces are hand-drawn

Their clothes are all hand made with hand-embroidered embellishments. 

Amie’s eye patch is ultra suede; her earring is sterling silver chain and black onyx.

Their wings are wired and hand-sewn and embroidered.

Thomas’ mandolin was purchased from

Amie carries at messenger bag and leans on a cane that I carved and drilled; Thomas carries a walking stick from driftwood brought back from New Hampshire.

The base is a “slice” of cedar from my property; the bottom is covered with a felt piece so it will not scratch furniture.

These dolls are available on Mountain Dolls on Etsy


Mug Rugs Instagram

UPDATE: Sale is over, but Mug rugs listed below are available in my Etsy shop

Instagram sale on ALL mug rugs.  Roll your mouse over the picture and a short same will say which mug rug it is.  PLEASE NOTE:  Some of the the mug rugs are MADE TO ORDER, please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.

Poinsettia $15, candy cane & Christmas presents $12

I thought I’d have a little sale on Instagram in the next day or so.  I am posting pix of mug rugs so people can see what’s available without overloading the Instagram feed 🙂